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MFU Boxed Set on sale today

I just saw that Amazon has a deal of the day, the complete MFU boxed set for about $70. 
1. Illya is thinking of a plan for Togsos's birthday:


2. He calls lgvu, who gives him a good idea:

. 2

3. He writes a letter to Togsos, asking her to come and see him:


4. In his apartment, he puts on some music, changes into his robe, pours the drinks, and waits...


5. Hearing the doorbell ring, he slips off the robe and gets ready...


6. Surprise, Togsos! Your present is nicely tied and waiting for you - start spanking!

7. Whoa! Take it easy, Togsos! Enjoy your birthday present, but don't break it!

Much later:
8. "I don't know if that was a very smart plan," says Illya to lgvu. "Next year I'll go back to roses and champagne. Much less painful."

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Peer Pressure

I made one for myself, but I think the one togsos made for me (my icon) is closer.

This is me at work:

And this is me, imagining I am the 12th Doctor (the jacket made me think of this):

ChibiMaker 2

For Spikes and Togsos

Your Daleks are almost finished - just have to add some details, and then they will be on their way.
Don't look too closely, I'm not that good at crocheting, but it's the thought, right? Plus they are really fun to make.


Happy Birthday Togsos

Best wishes and here's hoping you had a wonderful, slightly odd but still enjoyable and highly re-tellable birthday! We're waiting to hear all about it.

In case there are a few MST3K/Joel fans out there, you'll want to see this:


I wish I could embed the video for this; it's a promo for Seinfeld's new show, which starts this evening at 8pm CST. We get to see quite a bit of Joel, but he only says one word at approx. 1:27 which just kills me.

Sapphire and Steel!

Good news for DmC fans: Justin TV is streaming Sapphire and Steel episodes! You'll have to cut and paste, since I can't get this link to work. http://www.justin.tv/b_czar

You can also find one classic Doctor Who feed (www.justin.tv/nurse_what) and one new DW feed (www.justin.tv/tardisbluenet) and Mystery Science Theater 3000 (www.justin.tv/mst3k2) and you'll probably, like me, have Justin.tv running in the background 24 hours a day. 

Happy Birthday, Togsos!

I hope you have a wonderful, joyful birthday today! Save me a piece of cake *wink*

Have to grab this for myself

Saw this on the daily_vaughn and had to grab it, so that I can see it whenever I want:

Happy Birthday St. Crispins!

Whew! Almost missed it. Hope you had a wonderful day!